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Eyelash Grower 05

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  • Product Name:Eyelash Grower 05
  • Model:Eyelash Grower 05
  • Package:Bottle in Box
  • Size:Dia.15*87(MM)


HERBFUN Maxlash Eyelash Grower


Liquid for eyelash growth (solution for external application) 

Cosmetological Effect: 

Improves growth of eyelash, makes eyelashes darker and thicker. 

Ingredient List
of Eyelash Grower:

Folium Isatidis Extract

Cacumen Platycladi Herb Extract

Nigella Sativa Extract

Fructus Chebulae Extract

Radix Polygoni Multiflori Preparata Extract

Coral Extract

Purified Water


Net Volume: 3ml/bottle

Indications: Hypotrichosis, eyelash weakening after build-up or diseases.

Pregnancy, lactation period, allergy, elevated intraocular pressure, oncological chemotherapy, age under 18. Consult your ophthalmologist if have ocular disorders or ocular surgery (incl. Cataract implantation) .

Side effect: 
Eye and eyelid redness, itching, irritation, eye dryness, hyperpigmentation. 

Direction for Use and Dosage: 
Externally: Remove make-up and contact lenses, wash your hands and face thoroughly with soap, apply a thin line of solution to the base of the upper eyelids. Apply once a day. The best application time is before going to bed. Avoid touching your eyes with the applicator. 

If go into eyes, rinse them. If there is burning or irritation, stop using the solution and consult your physician. Close the bottle cap tightly and keep the bottle away from children. Do not dissolve the solution with water and do not share it with other people. 

Storage Conditions: In a dry, cool, ventilated place. 

Shelf life: 24 months.



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