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Herbal Extracts 01

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  • Product Name:Herbal Extracts 01
  • Size:Dia.39*62(MM)
  • Model:Herbal Extracts 01
  • Package:Foiled Bags, Drums

Herbal Extracts


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Herbal Virility Max is a natural Herbal product, made only from natural herbal ingredients, many of which have been used individually as aphrodisiac for centuries by the people of ancient civilizations worldwide to increase their virility, libido and level of sexual arousal. We have brought these powerful, scientifically tested ingredients together to formulate our products, and now bring you THE MOST POWERFUL APHRODISIAC EVER!


Thus, all of our male enhancement products and other natural herbal finished products can be supplied in powder forms. You can fill our powder (Herbal Extract Mixtures) into capsules, press as tablets, or mix with other ingredients you need as new formulas, etc.

Specification, Package and Validity: 1 kg/foiled bag, 25 kg/drum. Validy period: 18 months.


Welcome any demand of customized formulas or individual extracts to form your own formulas.


Free samples are available for your trial! 


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