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Penis Enlargement Capsules

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  • Product Name:Penis Enlargement Capsules
  • Package:Bottles
  • Size:Dia.44mm*90mm
  • Model:PEC01

Penis Enlargement Capsules 

Virility Penis Enlargement Capsules are newly developed formula based on our years’ professional research and study, which was mixed with natural herbal essences by modern bio-techniques, works on the male’s body with very safe and efficient method based on daily taking, help you have desired sex life and recover strength quickly.
This product doesn't have any side-effect and no dependency.

Supplement Facts (450mg/capsule):
Ginkgo Biloba, 120mg,
Rutin , 60mg,
Clove, 100mg,
Epimedium, 120mg,
Kudzuvine Root, 50mg

Features/Advantages of this capsule:
---No side effects,
---Improve physical fitness & mental alertness,
---Reliable safe sex stimulant for men,
---Reduces performance anxiety,
---Greater satisfaction and improved sexual confidence,
---Adds sensitivity and sensation,
---Increased blood circulation,
---Increased stamina and staying power and overall satisfaction to you and your partner,
---Effortless and dependable erections

2 capsules per time, three times per day.

Specification & Package: 60 capsules/bottle, 100ml /bottle.

Storage: keep in a dry, cool place.

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Moneygram and/or PayPal.

1. OEM, ODM: Take customized orders with private labeling, private package;
2. Free samples are available for trial!

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